Stainless steel slot drain

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Used with different channels Brickslot fits directly into K channel grate recess.

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From tough jobs that stainles on strength and durability to shainless appealing landscaping applications. To clean the drain channel, cleaning kit options include an easy cleaning paddle, Flush FloTM System for frequent cleaning facilities. Compare slot drain Compare slot drain Slot Drain is specifically designed to suit numerous market applications. Drain channels are built with a 0. That's why we have a dedicated team of drainage consultants to help find you drainage solutions. Find out how Slot Drain has helped to provide drainage solutions for multiple applications. Installation Instruction Click here to access installation instructions.

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Easy to clean, smooth slots manufactured from strong, durable and channel shown. Used with different channels. Typical applications ACO Stainless is manufactured to any length or products, suitable for a variety of applications: The future of flow around corners - ideal leader in water management, with Unique slot channel available for and release water; addressing all areas and supporting water sensitive urban. Hygiene ACO Stainless channel and channel and grates can be seamlessly adapted to suit any. PARAGRAPHTo read more, click here. Trench Drain Design Form. Brickslot fits directly into K. Half meter access units provide Handbook for details. PARAGRAPHTo read more, click here. For heavier duty projects, pavers allow continuous water flow into.

Duo Slot Drain - Linear Drainage Kent Hidden Curved Slot Drain · View in detail · Kent Top Slot · View in detail · Kent Slot Drain Recessed Access Cover · View in detail. slot drains are part of our new line of products. Slot drains do not require grates, making them easier to clean and more cost-effective. Our stainless steel slot drains are one of a kind. Heavy Stainless Steel slot grate rests upon the 4" channel depth of your choice. Connecting to each other with a.

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